Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Project

Our group did our final project on "Are You Smarter Than an EDM310 Student?"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Post #14


I did my blog post on  Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics by Frank Noschese.  Even though I went through everything to try and get this assignment done, I finally accomplished it. This was a very interesting article.

What is Pseudoteaching?
A term inspired by Don Meyer's pseudotext, pseudoteaching find textbook problems that appear to relate to real world situations. Mr. Noschese and Mr. Burk define pseudoteaching as something you realize you are doing after you have attempted a lesson that looks as if it should result in student learning. upon further reflection, its realized that the lesson was flawed and involve minimal learning. Basically Pseudoteaching is looking good and feeling like things are being learned, but in reality little learning actually takes place.

Mr. Noschese goes on to give an example of pseudoteaching done in the physics lectures of Walter Lewins at MIT. It is explained how Mr. Lewins makes his lectures look like good teaching and he appears to be full of energy and enjoy teaching physics to his students. the problem is, his students are not really learning from the lectures that appear to be "Good teaching". Many of the students do not attend class and many are failing. Why should they attend Class? Mr. Lewins is doing all of the work, all of the lecturing, and lets not forget the lectures are available online for the students. So the students really have no reason to show up for class. As a solution to this problem of pseudoteaching, MIT created interactive learning such as, Technology Enhanced Active Learning, at their school. The idea is to get the students more involved in the lectures so that they will actually learn and not just be"Lectured too". Mr. Noschese believes high quality technology in not really needed a lot in the classroom in order to teach and students learn. He think more whiteboards will do the trick.

I really do not agree much with decreasing technology. I do not feel that the tools used in teaching will really change what the students learn. I think the way the teacher presents the lesson and involve the students makes the greater difference. Less talking and more student interaction!!!
My final thoughts about the PLN is very POSITIVE!!!! I really enjoyed using this resource and organizing all of my different websites onto symbaloo. I arranged my personal websites such as, Facebook, twitter, craigslist, and YouTube onto my PLN. I also arranged my class websites such as EDM310 blog and different teachers website on my PLN also.  I have introduced my PLN to my brother, who also find it a great organizer.

Final Video Reflection

Sunday, July 17, 2011

C4T Summary


I was assigned to Mrs. Kathy Cassidy's blog. I really enjoyed reading her post entitled Learning: It's Easier Together and On Being Learners and Being Teachers. in the first blog post, she talks about how she allows her students to  record each other and watch each others videos, this was a learning experiment for her students to observe different things from their peers and see what their classmates are learning.

Her second post was about her students switching roles and being the teacher. They were able to use skype and share things that they knew with people who didn't know. They were asked a particular question and I was shocked to hear their answers. the question was Why do you skype with other people/classes? They students responded with 1)Because we learn 2) Because we get to meet new people 3)Because we help other people learn 4) Because we don't have to go to their town to talk. this was so amazing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Post # 13

Jose Picardo's video Top 10 Tips  Using Technology in the Classroom, was very educational. It gives really helpful technology tips that can be used in classrooms. The funny thing about this video is, this is the same video I chose to use  for by blog post #12 Teach somebody Something. How ironic?
Mr. Picardo's ten tips are:
1. Use Streaming Video
2.Use Music more often
3.Use teleconferencing tools- great for meetings with colleagues in other countries or states.
4.Create your own interactive exercises- this gives you the opportunity to share your interests.
5.Use your interactive whiteboard more efficiently.
6.Create your own podcast.-this is a great communication sharing tool
7.Start a blog or a wiki.
8.Use social networks- we can connect with people around the world with similar interest
9.Use internet tools.
10.Make the most of your pupil's gadgets.
Many of these tips we use in edm 310. I will definitely use the majority of them in my classroom. My students will have the advantage of actually learning the technology that they will use in their future jobs, along with connecting with others around the world.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Post #12

Watch Top Ten tips for Using Technology in the Classroom. After watching the video, explain in your own words rather or not these are effective tips to use in your future classroom. Also explain how the tips in the video are similar to the technology you use in EDM310.

This was a great video!!! As seen in this video there were many things such as creating blogs and creating videos that we are already familiar with. This video is a great tool for future educators to use to gather ideas for their classroom.

Final Project Progress Report


My group members for the final project are Brad Goldman, Clemente Brooks, and Sherrelle Grimes. All I will really say is the project is going to be awesome. Are you smarter than an EDM 310 student?

Project #15 Book trailer

Book Trailer

The Book I decided on was called THE INVISIBLE ALLIGATOR. By Hayes Roberts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project #14

For this assignment we were asked by our teacher Dr. Strange to teach someone something. I decided to teach my cousins how to use Skype                                 

My  Complete Summary

I taught two of my cousins , both age 10, how to use Skype. Neither or the two children knew what Skype was nor its purpose. First I explained to them that with Skype, they could connect with other students, in their school or across the world and even with their teachers. I also explained to them that when they attend college, they will probably use Skype to connect with other teachers around the world.After explaining to them different purposes of Skype and how to use it the process of teaching them how to use it on their own began. I created a second Skype page to use for an example and asked them to follow along with creating theirs. They both created the accounts. they set up their user names, passwords, and put in most of their personal information. I then went on to show them how to Video chat, and allowed them to chat with each other form different rooms in the house. They called each other with video call ans they also communicated with IM messages. One of my cousins caught on fairly well and one had time keeping the call connected with out having fun playing around with the different features. After the wonderful tutorial I have found my Skype account ringing everyday because my wonderful cousins call to talk to me every night to show me their homework grades and just to conversate, since I only get to visit them once a month. I have also learned that each of them now calls me all by them self.  One of my cousins told me that they were able to call one of their friends on Skype to go over homework assignments that she needed help with. This was a fun Project.

Blog Post # 11

Little Kid....Big Potential and  the Skype interview between Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy were very interesting videos. Mrs. Cassidy seems to be a very dedicated educator.  Her students really enjoy writing on their blogs and doing other things using technology in her class. She is doing an excellent job with teaching her students the benefits of using technology. The students are able to practice their writing skills through blogs and are able to comment back on their classmates blogs. This give them the opportunity  to express their own  personal opinions and enjoy technology at the same time. Not only are the students benefiting form the use of blog in Mrs. Cassidy's classroom, but the students parents and guardians can benefit as well. Parents can keep up with what their children are learning and they can also learn more from other educators around the world. This will give parents the opportunity to take part in his or her child's education. This can also help parents improve their child's learning. as a future educator, I will be sure to incorporate the use of blogs and  other technology in my classroom.

Project #13