Sunday, July 17, 2011

C4T Summary


I was assigned to Mrs. Kathy Cassidy's blog. I really enjoyed reading her post entitled Learning: It's Easier Together and On Being Learners and Being Teachers. in the first blog post, she talks about how she allows her students to  record each other and watch each others videos, this was a learning experiment for her students to observe different things from their peers and see what their classmates are learning.

Her second post was about her students switching roles and being the teacher. They were able to use skype and share things that they knew with people who didn't know. They were asked a particular question and I was shocked to hear their answers. the question was Why do you skype with other people/classes? They students responded with 1)Because we learn 2) Because we get to meet new people 3)Because we help other people learn 4) Because we don't have to go to their town to talk. this was so amazing.

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