Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Post #12

Watch Top Ten tips for Using Technology in the Classroom. After watching the video, explain in your own words rather or not these are effective tips to use in your future classroom. Also explain how the tips in the video are similar to the technology you use in EDM310.

This was a great video!!! As seen in this video there were many things such as creating blogs and creating videos that we are already familiar with. This video is a great tool for future educators to use to gather ideas for their classroom.


  1. KaShonndra,
    I thought this video would come in handy as to referencing to the options available, for teachers,through technology. I think that with the top ten tips incorporated into the classroom could open doorways to new and up to date learning. Good choice on the video!

  2. Yes, how ironic. I'll leave my comment on your post for Blog Post #13.