Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Post # 13

Jose Picardo's video Top 10 Tips  Using Technology in the Classroom, was very educational. It gives really helpful technology tips that can be used in classrooms. The funny thing about this video is, this is the same video I chose to use  for by blog post #12 Teach somebody Something. How ironic?
Mr. Picardo's ten tips are:
1. Use Streaming Video
2.Use Music more often
3.Use teleconferencing tools- great for meetings with colleagues in other countries or states.
4.Create your own interactive exercises- this gives you the opportunity to share your interests.
5.Use your interactive whiteboard more efficiently.
6.Create your own podcast.-this is a great communication sharing tool
7.Start a blog or a wiki.
8.Use social networks- we can connect with people around the world with similar interest
9.Use internet tools.
10.Make the most of your pupil's gadgets.
Many of these tips we use in edm 310. I will definitely use the majority of them in my classroom. My students will have the advantage of actually learning the technology that they will use in their future jobs, along with connecting with others around the world.


  1. Many of the these tips I had never used until entering EDM 310. I had used podcast before and social networks, but I never dreamed of starting a blog or creating a podcast. I had listened to podcast before for different classes, but I didn't think that I had enough knowledge about technology to actually create one. Mr. Picardo's top 10 tips are very useful. All of these different technologies really have a great use in the classroom. I have never had so much fun in a class before and I think that if I use these forms of technology in my classroom then my students will feel the same way. Great blog KaShondra! So funny that you used this same video for your blog 12.

  2. Which tips will you not use in your classroom?