Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Post # 11

Little Kid....Big Potential and  the Skype interview between Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy were very interesting videos. Mrs. Cassidy seems to be a very dedicated educator.  Her students really enjoy writing on their blogs and doing other things using technology in her class. She is doing an excellent job with teaching her students the benefits of using technology. The students are able to practice their writing skills through blogs and are able to comment back on their classmates blogs. This give them the opportunity  to express their own  personal opinions and enjoy technology at the same time. Not only are the students benefiting form the use of blog in Mrs. Cassidy's classroom, but the students parents and guardians can benefit as well. Parents can keep up with what their children are learning and they can also learn more from other educators around the world. This will give parents the opportunity to take part in his or her child's education. This can also help parents improve their child's learning. as a future educator, I will be sure to incorporate the use of blogs and  other technology in my classroom.


  1. Hey KaShondra,

    I really think that people underestimate the power that blogs have in helping younger students. I think that with writing skills, students can improve dramatically.

    Stephen Akins

  2. "[A]s a future educator, I will be sure to incorporate the use of blogs and other technology in my classroom." Do it!

  3. KaShondra,
    I think that the blogs used in Mrs.Cassidy's classroom help improve writing skills too! I believe that with incorporating blogging in the classrooms we can improve the skills of all students and at the end of the year really compare the changes. Great post!