Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Special Metaphor Assignment (Blog Post #14)

     Okay when I first read and commented on this particular blog, Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home, apparently I really didn't get the true meaning of the metaphor. I commented something like this: 
   "This post was very inspiring. At first, after reading the post I thought " Okay how does taking pencils home lower test scores and what is Mr. Spencer trying to prove? After reading the post a second time and really understand the meaning behind the story, I was touched and thought this was very eye opening. All he was saying was focus on a creative and great solution and not worry so much of the problem here. Why does the child get noticed more for lower test scores instead of being encouraged , motivated, and taught better statigies and ways to improve his or her test scores?"

Adventures in Pencil Integration

       Now, after Dr. Strange explained to us the real meaning of the blog post, I can now see what was really being said. Dr. Strange explained that  Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home  was actually a metaphor and so was the title of the Blog post, Pencil Integration. Below are a few questions Dr. Strange asked us to complete as a learning process and understanding what went wrong in missing the actual metaphor.

1. Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor?
I myself am not usually the one to use many metaphors and think to hard when it comes to explaining or writing my insight of a parable. I guess it makes a lot of scenes to actually think outside the box.

2. What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them?

  • Its raining cats and dogs!

3. What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors?
 As future educators, I think we can teach our kids how metaphors relate to things and specific situations in everyday life.  We should explain to them the importance of looking outside the box and not just looking for straight forward answers or phrases to just jump out.

4.Why do we use metaphors?
   I really do not know exactly why we use metaphors, but I would think they are used to break the ice a little. Just to put a little humor in any given situation.  A friend  of mine always tell me to make the best of any situation!!! So why not use metaphors to add a little spice to conversations!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

C4K 7,8,9,10

C4K #7 

Lesson Three – Saturday School

That’s right, I said Saturday school. In order to make up lost time from our snow days earlier this semester, we will be in school on Saturday this week. While the idea of a six day week completely mortifies my students, in the end it will be worth attending a six day week in order to get an extra day knocked off at the end of our school year…so live it up kiddos, you only go to school on Saturday once a year.
Mr. McClung
My Response:
I am an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama and I was assigned your Lesson Learned Three- Saturday School. I must say, of Course the kids may think this is a terrible idea, but they don’t realize it will definitely pay off in the end. They want have to come back to school early from summer break and they will not get behind on their class work. I really enjoy your posts.

C4K #10

Clippers vs. Mavericks

Last Wednesday, I went to a basketball game. The Los Angeles Clippers played against the Dallas Mavericks. When the first quarter ended the Clippers were winning 28-23. After the first half the Mavericks were winning 48-46. The Mavericks were winning 75-70 after the third quarter. The final score was Mavericks 106, Clippers 100. How many points did each team score in the third quarter? J.J Barea from the Mavericks scored 22 points, grabbed 2 rebounds, had 6 assists, and took away 2 steals. Blake Griffin from the Clippers scored 25 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, got 3 assists, and took away 3 steals. 
My Response:

Hi Jaden.
My name is KaShondra Rudolph. I am a student at the University of South Alabama, whee I am studying to be a teacher. I really enjoyed you post. I personally have never attended a Clippers game, but from your statistics you posted, it seems that the game was very interesting. You also have great writing skills. Keep up the great work. 

Blog Post # 13

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

Alabama Learning Exchange

ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange and this website shows different  study plans, web links, courses of study , podcasting, ect. Within each category, there are different subjects and grade levels that one can choose from and  gather information. This is a great resource for teachers to find helpful resources all in one place. as a future educator I think this will be a helpful resource that I would like to use.  Below I have posted the link to the ALEX web page:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project #14 Teach someone something/ Blog Post #12

For this assignment we were asked by our teacher Dr. Strange to Create an assignment for a Blog Post he should have created. Write the instructions that should
have been assigned. Then do it.  I decided to incoorperate my Project 14(teach someone something into this BLOG)                                

Blog Post #12 Assignment


1) Using a computer of any type, choose two children of close age ranging between the ages 5 and 11 how to do one thing that you think will benefit them in their future.

2) Write a summary or share a video explaining your progress with your chosen student. In your summary Compare the progress of the two students. Also include, What you taught the students to do? How fast did each  student  catch on? How much time did you spend teaching each student?

3) Post the Summary to your blog.

This assignment is meant to give you one-on-one experience with students. Every child catch on with learning things at a different pace. Some students need more time to learn things than others. This will show that the use of technology can be helpful and fun at the same time. As a future educator, this assignment should give and idea of how we will have to handle different students in our classrooms. This assignment is not meant to set students apart from those who catch on faster than others, its just to get an idea of how much time and patience a teacher must have to work with individual students so that all of the students can stay around the same pace of learning and not make each other feel less. Every Child is Unique!!!

My  Complete Summary

I taught two of my cousins , both age 10, how to use Skype. Neither or the two children knew what Skype was nor its purpose. After explaining to them different purposes of Skype and how to use it the process of teaching them how to use it on their own began. I created a second Skype page to use for an example and asked them to follow along with creating theirs. They both created the accounts, but I found out that each student typed at a different pace and asked more questions than the other. NORMAL!!! I then went on to show them how to Video chat, and allowed them to chat with each other form different rooms in the house. One of my cousins caught on fairly well and one had time keeping the call connected with out having fun playing around with the different features. After the wonderful tutorial I have found my Skype account ringing everyday because my wonderful cousins call to talk to me every night to show me their homework grades and just to conversate, since I only get to visit them once a month. I have also learned that each of them now calls me all by them self.  One of my cousins told me that they were able to call one of their friends on Skype to go over homework assignments that she needed help with. This was a fun Project.

Final Project Progress Report

My group members for the final project are Heather Beverly, Bailey Hammond, and myself. The Project is going very great so far and I believe is going to be a real success. I don't want to give away to many details about any exact purposes. Stay tuned for the finished project.

Project #15

Book Trailer

The Book I decided on was called THE INVISIBLE ALLIGATOR. By Hayes Roberts.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog post # 10

An Open Letter to Educators

I really enjoyed reading Morgan Bayda’s post  and watching Dan Brown's Video. Morgan Bayda mentioned how she feel cheated in Universities.  I too feel cheated in class after sitting through long dreadful lectures about facts that I may never hear of or need to regurgitate again after the test. I was pleased to realize that i'm not the only one who feel school is really interfering with education. I think I would be better off just researching random thoughts, ideas, or just simple information and learn more things than I do in some classrooms. School to me can really be a waste of time and money in some aspects. Mr. Brown could not have said it better when he talked about how books may never be used, teachers may never really know u exist, and the facts learned are sometimes useless.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

Adventures in Pencil Integration

This post was very inspiring. At first after reading the post I thought " Okay how does taking pencils home lower test scores and what is Mr. Spencer trying to prove. After reading the post a second time and really understand the meaning behind the story, I was touched and thought this was very eye opening. All he was saying was focus on a creative and great solution not worry so much of the problem here. Why do the child get noticed more for low test scores instead of being encouraged and motivated and taught better statigies and ways to improve.

C4T Summary

During my comment for teachers post, I somehow can not figure out or even remember where I placed the summary comment I wrote on my first teacher. So I will be posting only one summary, SORRY!!!!

Post #2

I was assigned a blog titled Pondering Paige by Paige Vitulli Baggett. Here is a link to her blog!!! Check it out!!!

 I posted: Hi Dr. Baggett!!!! I am commenting for an assignment in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading this post and was inspired by M. Ricky  Trione's passion for his art. I love how he does not let his disability discourage him, instead it motivates him to create art in a different way. He is also setting an example to kids to not give up be be creative using the tools of fingers, paint and the use of technology.