Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project #14

For this assignment we were asked by our teacher Dr. Strange to teach someone something. I decided to teach my cousins how to use Skype                                 

My  Complete Summary

I taught two of my cousins , both age 10, how to use Skype. Neither or the two children knew what Skype was nor its purpose. First I explained to them that with Skype, they could connect with other students, in their school or across the world and even with their teachers. I also explained to them that when they attend college, they will probably use Skype to connect with other teachers around the world.After explaining to them different purposes of Skype and how to use it the process of teaching them how to use it on their own began. I created a second Skype page to use for an example and asked them to follow along with creating theirs. They both created the accounts. they set up their user names, passwords, and put in most of their personal information. I then went on to show them how to Video chat, and allowed them to chat with each other form different rooms in the house. They called each other with video call ans they also communicated with IM messages. One of my cousins caught on fairly well and one had time keeping the call connected with out having fun playing around with the different features. After the wonderful tutorial I have found my Skype account ringing everyday because my wonderful cousins call to talk to me every night to show me their homework grades and just to conversate, since I only get to visit them once a month. I have also learned that each of them now calls me all by them self.  One of my cousins told me that they were able to call one of their friends on Skype to go over homework assignments that she needed help with. This was a fun Project.

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