Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog post # 10

An Open Letter to Educators

I really enjoyed reading Morgan Bayda’s post  and watching Dan Brown's Video. Morgan Bayda mentioned how she feel cheated in Universities.  I too feel cheated in class after sitting through long dreadful lectures about facts that I may never hear of or need to regurgitate again after the test. I was pleased to realize that i'm not the only one who feel school is really interfering with education. I think I would be better off just researching random thoughts, ideas, or just simple information and learn more things than I do in some classrooms. School to me can really be a waste of time and money in some aspects. Mr. Brown could not have said it better when he talked about how books may never be used, teachers may never really know u exist, and the facts learned are sometimes useless.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

Adventures in Pencil Integration

This post was very inspiring. At first after reading the post I thought " Okay how does taking pencils home lower test scores and what is Mr. Spencer trying to prove. After reading the post a second time and really understand the meaning behind the story, I was touched and thought this was very eye opening. All he was saying was focus on a creative and great solution not worry so much of the problem here. Why do the child get noticed more for low test scores instead of being encouraged and motivated and taught better statigies and ways to improve.


  1. Hi KaShondra,
    You are definitely not the only one who feels this way about school! I do too, and was glad to see I wasn't the only one after watching this. Sometimes it is so easy to get frustrated when sitting in class, because you're being told things you would never need to know again. Great post!

  2. Hey KaShondra!
    I feel the same way about school, it's ridiculous how we pay all this money to sit in classrooms and stare at the teacher basically and not even pay attention. I especially don't pay attention to teachers who I know we're just going to get a study guide the week before the test. I think classes should be more interactive, like this class.