Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4K Summary

picture of kids standing

My first post was to Mr. McClung's Blog. I commented on his post entitled The Middle Ages. Mr. McClung and his students were beginning their lesson on the Middle ages and wanted to began the lesson with a little brainstorming. He asked the students to contrast what life was like during the middle ages and renaissance. The answer his students came up with was, "Life in the middle ages sucked". This was so hilarious, but what can you expect during the brainstorming process from students?

My next post was to a kid name Shane from Mrs. Yollis class blog. I was assigned to his blog post titled  A Fun Halloween. Shane had a really amazing story and he also has a wild imagination. After reading his story, I commented on his post saying:

Hello Shane!!!

My name is KaShondra Rudolph. I am an EDM310 student from the University of South Alabama and I must say, I really enjoyed your story, A Fun Halloween. My favorite part of the story was the idea of putting blood on your face. Now that was an amazing idea. I also had a very fun Halloween. Even though I did not dress up, I was able to chaperoned a few kids that really enjoyed themselves. When I see kids smile, it make me so happy.

Keep up the great writing.

My final post was to a kid by the name of Mele. Mele is in Mr. Somerville's Room 16 at Pt. England School. Her post was titled Ab sailing. She was able to attend Camp Benzon and go Ab sailing. She had a lot of fun and i wish I was not afraid to do things such as this. My comment to her was:

Hello Mele,

My name is Kashondra Rudolph. I am an EDM310 student from the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post. It seems like you really had a great time at Camp Benzon. I have never been Ab sailing, but I have tried rock climbing once. Well, I can say I never made it off the ground. The instructor told me I needed to work on my upper body strength. Hopefully one day I will succeed. I am glad you enjoyed yourself!!!

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  1. KaShondra,
    One of my favorite parts of this class has been C4K. It looks like you enjoyed it as well!
    I hope you learned a lot from the kids, like I did!