Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post #5

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Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff Please!

Mr. McLeod's post made a very great point in a sarcastic way. I have realized that there is both good and bad in everything we do and use in the world today. Technology especially, can have its pros and cons, but it is up to us as educators to help make the best of technology for our students. No a days, technology is one of those things that students must be introduced to. The future jobs of students today will all be technology based.

picture of the iSchool initiative
The iSchool Initiative

Travis Allen's video, The iSchool Initiative, was very informative on the reasons his idea of the iSchool will be beneficial.  The idea of using only your iPod or iPad sounds very great. Not having to carrying around a load of books, keeping up with calculators and papers, and having every resource you need all on one devise sounds very useful and again beneficial. Now, with all the beneficial aspects of the iSchool, let's mention the downfalls. I personally would see the iSchool as a big distraction to students. Teachers will soon find many of there students abusing the privilege of this technology in the classroom. There are too many distractions that will take away from a lesson. There are distractions such as Facebook and YouTube that students will focus more on instead of their actual assignment, and with everything being online, what reason is there for students to really come to class for one-on-one learning?  So the idea of the iSchool can be both good and bad.

picture of the virtual choir
Eric Whitacr's Virtual Choir
Okay, I must start off by asking the question, "How was this possible?" It sounds so amazing to hear an entire choir singing in tune and on key together, and have never met a day in their life. This just goes to show how the use of technology can make the impossible become possible. Not only did technology make this look so amazing, but Mr. Whitacr's is a very talented person to make a vision as this one come to life. This was a very amazing video.

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