Sunday, November 6, 2011

October C4K Summary

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My fourth student was Karla from Mr. C's classroom. Karla is in the 8th grade and decided to write a scary story for her blog post this particular week. the story was very interesting and depicts Karla great imagination. The story goes a little like this"One day there was two friends named Yengshi and Alex. They decided to go to a spook house but they didn't know that the spook house was located on a cemetery. When they were going through they felt something behind them so when they turned around and someone hit them in the face with a stick. The next morning they woke up and they were in a room that was dark. They got scared because they were tied up against poles after that day they were never found!!"

My next student was from Pt. England school in Aukland, New Zealand. I do not remember the students name, but the students in the class was learning about narrative writing. My student rewrote the story of little Red Ridding hood and put a little scary twist to it. 

My final post was to Mr. McClung's Blog. I commented on his post entitled The Middle Ages. Mr. McClung and his students were beginning their lesson on the Middle ages and wanted to began the lesson with a little brainstorming. He asked the students to contrast what life was like during the middle ages and renaissance. The answer his students came up with was, "Life in the middle ages sucked". This was so hilarious, but what can you expect during the brainstorming process from students?

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  1. KaShondra,
    All of your student'g blogs seemed hilarious! The students really had quite the imagination! Your third child was so blunt but so honest. Kids at that age always have the funniest things to say! Brainstorming for them is just saying out loud what they really think.
    Great post! Keep up the good work.