Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K#10 Mrs. Yollis

 picture of mrs. yolli's class
Mrs. Yollis seems to be an amazing teacher. Teaching is a passion for her and she is really dedicated to it. I like the fact that Mrs. Yollis is a life long learner and wants to continue learning so that she can teach her students more  modern information and skills.While visiting Mrs. Yollis blog, I found some great html "happy coding" that will be fun to incorporate into your posts. They are: ♥ ♔ ★ ☀ ♦ . HTML codes can be used for many other things such as page breaks, links, bold and also italics. Mrs. Yollis also has a link that shows the different time zones of people her class communicates with. I really enjoyed exploring Mrs. Yollis blog.


  1. Yollis, not Yolli. Oh my.

    "...has a ink that..." link, not ink

    " i really enjoyed..." The i should be I.

  2. Thanks for catching that Dr. Strange. I fixed it.