Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

picture of a robot graduate

Watch the video, Problems with Education. (3:56) The video is very funny!!! Despite the humor, write a brief summary of your insight of the video. Do you agree or disagree with the point being made? If you agree with the video, briefly explain a way you can fix a few of these problems with education.

In the video, Problems with Education, the comedian make some really funny but true points about problems related to education. He talks about how he should open up a 5 Minute School, which will teach students in 5 minutes the information an average college graduate will "Actually Remember" after 5 years of courses. Not a bad idea for a school; the largest problem is teachers feeding students enough information to remember for the test and not  teaching them skills. I actually agree with the point being made in this video. As a future educator, I will take the time to make sure my students actually learn the concepts and reasons for learning the information I teach. Not just feed them information and allow them to remember it for a test at the end of the week and never look back on that subject. I will continue to introduce them with the information and skills so that they will be familiar with it always and actually learn it.

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