Monday, February 7, 2011

C4T Summary

First Post:
I was assigned to Mr. Brian Crosby's post, A Four Year Anniversary To Remember

The post was about how he incorporable his student by the name of Celest into the classroom using Skype. Celest was sick with leukemia and was not able to attend class with her classmates. I thought it was a very kind thing to do by skyping Celest into the classroom so that she would not miss out on her school days and was able to learn just as the other students. Brian went on to state how he was on the morning crosswalk and recognized Celest and her mother after not seeing he for four years. He was not able to talk much with them but was very excited to see them. Celest is in the 8th grade now, has put back all the weight she lost, and has a thick, full head of hair. She is in full remission and doing really well. She even helps counsel kids that have cancer based on her own experience. 

Every year now Mr. Crosby tells this story of Celest

Second Post:
I was assigned to Mr. Brian Crosby's post, So How Could I Still Teach My Students If School Was Cancelled? Reprised

Mr. Crosby wrote this article because of an idea he thought of back in 2009 when the H1N1 Virus was going around causing the students to miss school. He thought what if every student was connected to the internet at home, there would be many ways he could continue to teach his students when the school was closed down. He mentioned using Google docs and the students blogs to upload the assignments. This way he could leave discussions and communicate with them back and forth. He also mentions going on field trips and having guest speaker through Ustream or Mogulus they use for chat.

 I thought this was a very out of the box idea and may very well be possible on day with the way technology is rising in todays society.

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