Sunday, February 27, 2011

C4K 1,2,3

Summary 1

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I was first assigned to a student by the name of Braydon from Comax Valleys Vancouver Island. He did a post on Crispy vs.Soft greasy Bacon. I found this post to be awesome. It was interesting to know a kid his age really find interest in things such as the texture of their bacon. He personally like his bacon crispy and I totally agree with him.  

Summary 2
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During my second Comment 4Kids post, I was assigned a student by the name of Sola from room 13 at Pt. England school in Auckland,NZ. She talked about the earthquake of Christchurch Auinckland, NZ. She discussed the number of people that was killed and how bad the building was damaged. She wrote with great remorse and seemed very informed of her topic.

Summary 3

My assigned student was Lola T. also from Pt. England school in Auckland, NZ. She was a student of room 16.  Lola wrote a story of her as a super hero. She described her super hero as spider woman. She became spider woman by one day picking up and throwing away a spider that climbed onto her bed. She looked in the mirror and realized the spider had bitten her. When she arrived at school she noticed the same spider climbing up her leg and as she flick it off, the spider land on another girl in the class. suddenly the class screamed into fright and she then notice they was afraid of her because she had transformed into super Woman. Her story was very interesting. she has a wonderful imagination.

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  1. Kia ora,

    I followed your link because you interacted with my students. I was particularly interested in your impression of the child who wrote about the utter devastation the Christchurch earthquakes are wreaking in the lives of ordinary New Zealanders. I did not get a sense from your post that you have connected with the fact that small children were writing about REAL human beings who have lost their lives. This is WAY beyond an assignment - this is interacting with the very fabric of human existence and you were there.

    My best wishes for you are that you are one of the very compassionate teachers our world needs when you enter the workforce.