Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Post #3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today 

This Video has so many true facts starting with the class sizes. Lets take my geography class for instance with over 115 students. I get really afraid sometimes to get called on or ask questions in class because I do not want all 200+ eyes looking at me. Also with classes this size, nine times out of ten the teacher will never remember my face or name.

The video also make statements about the price we spend on books and computers. I find this true to have to spend over 600 dollars on books that I hardly ever open. When its time to sell the books back I never get over 150 dollars back; thats if they decide to take all the books back.When it comes to buying computers there are advantages and more disadvantages. Technology, I believe helps students in great ways of research, note taking and many ways of preparing for the future ahead of us.  We as students spend more time socializing online than anything. I feel that if teachers made some classes a little more interesting using more exciting was to incorporate technology into our lessons, we as students will probably actually pay more attention and be interested in learning by choice.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

Mrs. Kelly Hines wrote an article entitled  "It's Mot About the Technology" that was very interesting. She made four points in her article which were: Teachers Must be Learners, Learning and Teaching are Not the Same, Technology is Useless Without Good Teaching, and Be a 21st Century Teacher Without the Technology.Check the article out at

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Techologically Illierate Teacher?

Check out Karl Fisch's article at It is filled with interesting statements. Mr Fisch talked about teachers being able to get in front of a class and teach technology, when we hey are illiterate themselves.  This segment of his post was very interesting to me because I feel that no one is able to give very accurate and legit information if they are not knowledgeable of the information them self.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

To see the rate these counts increase is so mind blowing. It is a must do process of keeping up with technology in todays world because technology will increase more in the future at a much a faster rate than it is doing so now.

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  1. KaShondra,

    You are right that there are advantages and disadvantages with technology, but like Kelly Hines and Karl Fisch point out is that technology is important in a classroom. While we cannot fully rely on technology, we must incorporate it to be great teachers for our students. It is imperative that we provide an education for each individual that will prepare he or she for the future.