Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post # 8

picture of a dreaming sunset
This is How We Dream Part 1 and 2

 In the videos This is How We Dream Part 1 and Part 2, Richard E. Miller talks about the way writing has changed in academy and in the culture.Mr. Miller talks about how he was a person who basically lived by books. Mr. Miller grew up in a house filled with book, and he dreamed of a career that involved working with books. He states how the end results are still books and the only difference now is, many of the books are virtual. He makes it clear that the way we work now is through our computers and not much with pencil and papers. This can be a good thing now because, back with only pencil and paper we were limited to creativity. One could write words, draw a few pictures, color them and basically be done. Now with the use of technology, we can use the creativity God instilled in us. With technology, we can teach better, use more animation, gather more information and  get instant feedback from others with in a few minutes. In these video, Mr. Miller constantly compare the use of technology(computer) to the use of the library. With some similarities, there are many more beneficial differences. In my opinion, the library's only  use  now days is to get access to a computer, realistically. Not many people use libraries for informational use through books.

Blog Post # 12

Carly Pugh's blog post # 12, her play list, and many of the related links were very creative and amazing to explore. The links I followed on her page had some really great videos that I think will be something I use in my  future classroom. This will give the students time to work with technology and learn something new while using their own imagination. The video that stood out the most to me was Think Different. Think different was about some familiar people who have had a great impact on the world today. Some of these people were, Martin Luther King Jr. Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, and others that I could not think of their names. Many of these people stepped outside of the box, payed no attention to the rules, were trouble makers and did what they thought or knew was right.(Think Different) They did not care about criticism and what people thought of them, they wanted to make a difference. The video describe these people as having no respect for the status quot, and the round pegs in the square holds. They thought differently from the average person. Look where they are now!!!  Famous,well known, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN SOCIETY.

The Clipper Series/EDM 310 for Dummies

 The Clipper Series, was a very funny, yet very eye opening video. There are many students in school like Chipper, and I can honestly say I have found myself to be a "Chipper" on some occasions. "Procrastination"!!  Waiting to the last minute to do assignments is not a good idea. When we procrastinate, there are always issues to face such as: technological issues, emergencies and forgetting to do parts of the assignments. I pray to God, I never end up totally like Chipper. She really missed the entire point of being in school, which is to learn and abide by certain rules. As a future teacher, I do not wish to have any students such as Chipper, but I Know I will. So because of this, I hope to be able to create a great teaching pattern and give the students an environment they will be willing to learn in. 

Now lets discuss EDM 310 for Dummies. This video was amazing!!! I think I can put myself in the shoes of the actors in this video. I have realized, that with discipline, determination, and a little guidance anyone can make it in EDM 310, and any other class. The first step to surviving is disciplining yourself, and MANAGING YOUR TIME wisely. If I had to come up with ideas for my own video, I would find a homeless person on the streets, who desire education but lacks resources. I would pay their tuition for a semester in EDM310 and give them a copy of EDM310 for dummies for an entire semester. At the end of the semester, I would write a summary on how well the homeless person did in EDM 310, using the book and its resources for help. This idea will compare an average student with an homeless person, and determine how well anyone can actually learn.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

Learn to Change, Change to Learn  was a very interesting video. One of the first statements that was made in the video was, "Education is ranked # 55, and that's below coal mining."  My first thought was "REALLY???" This is horrible. The group of teachers who made their statements and short speeches, all had interesting views. I personally find it true when realizing that kids do have a richer environment outside of school. The things they are familiar with such as texting and social networking are prohibited in many schools. To me this is not allowing their creative minds to exploring their own way of learning, nor giving them a more realistic learning environment. Technology and Children are like peanut butter and jelly, these days. So why not incorporate more technology into schools and give the kids a more modern learning environment?


  1. You did a good job on your posts. You understood the message Dr. Miller was conveying to his audience that we are a world of computers now. Carly Pugh did a great job with explaining how she would conduct her classroom. Would you run your classroom the same way? I'm sure we can all sympathize with Chipper.

  2. But an interesting idea. Work on it some more!