Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C4T Summary #2


I was assigned to See Mary teach.
My first assignment was on her blog post entitled I've Stared Grad School. She discussed how she recently stared grad school. She wanted to get her degree in something that she was really interested in instead of something that made sense to the degree she already have. So she decided to get her Master of Arts in Educational Technology. i though her post was so exciting!!!!
My response to her post was:
I am an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. I really enjoyed reading your post. I absolutely agree with your decision on getting a masters degree in an area of interest verses following the status quo. As you stated in your post, why not spend your money on a degree that you will actually enjoy. I do not plan on being an administrator, so I would like to look more into earning a Master of Arts in Educational Technology also. I have really grown to love technology and all that it has to offer. Good luck with your studies, I think you will do well.
In a second blog post Mary talked about how different places require a certain attire for teachers Many places expect teachers to dress "Professional" every single day. this definition of professional: is Paint Suits, Shirt and tie, Skirts and Heels Daily!!!! Some places on the other hand, are allowed to dress comfortable. This is my kind of style!!!
My response to her post was:
I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and I agree with your points made. I personally do not think attire plays a role of determining the level of respect a teacher receive. I think a teacher who demands respect will gain it regardless to their attire. A teacher will actually perform their job better if they are satisfied and comfortable while doing it, not walking around in painful shoes or a hot tie around their neck. I honestly see the purpose of administrators stressing the dress codes of teachers. the main focus should be on the students. Yea, of course their should be a limit to what a teacher wear, but it should not be limited to only “Professional attire”!!
Great Post!!!!!

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