Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Post #9


In this article, Mr. McClung talks about his first year as a teacher.  From his first year experience, he is basically summing up the "Do's" and "Don'ts" as a beginner teacher, in his article. He starts out explaining how one should be able to read his or her crowd.  He mention how he was so worried about  being assessed by his superiors, that he lost touch with his audience and the delivery of his lessons. I believe this to be a hard step to over come as a first year teacher. One may always worry about getting their lesson done on time, and meeting all the standard requirements. To solve this problem Mr. McClung feels that in order to be effective one must be able to let their audience drive their instructions. This way the students will feel more involved and  interested in learning. He also talks about how being flexible, reasonable and communicating will play a great part in ones teaching experience.

Mr. McClung goes on to discuss the things one should not do. He feels that a teacher should "Not be afraid of technology" and "Never Stop Learning." I absolutely agree with them both. Society is constantly changing and as a teacher we should stay caught up with it. In my opinion the world will be technology based one day and students should be taught the basics now. The use of technology will also give teachers more resources to explore so they will be more effective with their teaching methods and materials. Also, a teacher should always be willing to learn. As I stated before, society is constantly changing; therefore, there is much more to learn, constantly. Learning never stops.


  1. Kashondra,
    Mr. McClung's post, What I've Learned This Year, did offer some great tips for us. I really appreciate that he was able to take a closer look at himself and give an honest evaulation of his first year. I could clearly see that he is a teacher that is willing to learn from his mistakes and improve. The thing is, we will learn how to teach here in college, but what we find when we actually get in the classroom will be more than we could have ever prepared for. It is then that we will learn how to become a teacher. I have learned this from experience. I went to Faulkner and was a court reporter for two years. I learned how to write on a stenographer machine, but once I entered a courtroom, that is when I really learned how to be a court reporter.
    I'm glad that we were able to read about some of the things he encountered his first year. It will definitely give us a heads-up for what's ahead.
    Your post looks really good, just be sure to proofread first. There were a few mistakes.

    Great job!
    Deana Nunn

  2. Still some errors that should have been caught by proofreading. Apparently Deana caught them as well. Have you been to the Writing Lab yet? Please answer me by email.

    You covered the major points made by Mr. McClung quite well!