Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comments 4 Teachers Summary #1

During my first post of C4T, I was asigned to Mr. Langhorst's blog.
His post was about a Royals game he attended as a social media member. I commented on his blog post:
Hello Mr. Langhorst,

I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama, where Dr. Strange is my teacher, and I was assigned to your blog. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I have to say, you seemed to have had a wonderful experience. I personally have never been a huge fan of sports, but I do follow a little, and I am a huge fan of social networking. You seem to be a very lucky man to be granted these many opportunities.

I never received a comment back, but I actually thought it was quite interesting to know the social media get opportunities as these. I hope the next reader who reads his blog find it interesting as well.

I was assigned Mr. Langhorst blog post entitled MSTA Change Agent Conference- Standards Based Grading,for week two. I was really unable to follow the actual point of this post and would really like to be enlighten. Anyone who read this post, please give me a short summary of your thoughts.

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