Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

This is an image of a podcast radio.

I really enjoyed listening to all of the podcast by Eagle's Nest Radio and Class Blog. The children spoke very well and they took a lot of interest in their topics. I really enjoyed the podcast interview the students did with Mr. Ward about sharks. The students were very excited and had great questions. My absolute favorite podcast was Roamin with Ancient Romans. It is so amazing to see third graders present detailed information of their subject. In doing my podcast the only thing I would change is the volume to the background music. It takes a way a little from the students discussion.


This post was about first grade students who learned how to use podcasting in their classroom. They created their podcasts from scripts their teacher wrote for them. The scripts were based on books that were read to them in class, and their teacher designed the books so that the students could read along as the podcast was being played. Once their teacher finished writing the scripts, she allowed the students to record them in their own voice. The blog mentions how the students enjoyed rerecording the podcast, if they did not like the way their voice sounded. It seems to me the students really enjoyed this activity, and will benefit from it in the future. Teachers such as this one really encourage me to incorporate tools such as podcasting in my future classroom. This will introduce my students to using technology at an early age, and give then the courage to be involved in classroom activities. 

 The Benefits of  Podcasting in the Classroom, by Mr. Joe Dale was very informative. The benefits he discuss are as listed: 

  • An effective way of interacting with students outside of the classroom 
  • a form of learning students of today are familiar with and therefore makes it relevant to them 
  • it allows for differentiation and project based learning students can access the higher order thinking skills in Bloom's taxonomy 
  • it promotes creativity and innovation
  • it can offer distance learning opportunities for absent students 
  • the process of creating and uploading audio files is easy students can record role plays in character making their learning more memorable 
  • parents can see and hear what their children are doing at school I believe pod casting can be very useful in classroom. 
  • From personal experience, I was introduced to podcast by communicating with a teacher on a day to day basis, listening to lectures outside of class. The students explained the information they learned with your fellow classmates through podcasting. To me, pod casting is way better than typing long emails, with a disadvantage of getting your entire point across. For example, at a previous college, any questions the students had from the lectures, we were required to ask them in a podcast and post them in a discussion board. From here the entire class could hear them. Anyone who was able to answer the question was allowed to explain it in a responding podcast. This way we were able to get a clearer understanding of our questions and responses, and we were able to incorporate fun into learning. I think methods such as this should be used in all classes. If so students will learn another great way to incorporate technology in learning.


  1. Where did you use podcasts in a class? Thorough. Thoughtful. Well written for the most part. A vast improvement. Is this the result of going to the writing lab?

  2. Hi KaShondra! Really glad I have the opportunity to comment on your blog. I did not chose to read through the Langwitches website, so it was really nice being able to find out what it was about. I also believe that the earlier students start learning with technology, the better off they will be. Seeing things like this, makes me excited to learn about podcasting in the classroom and you are incredibly lucky to have already had that experience.

  3. Hi Kasondra, I also enjoyed watching the Langwitches too. I thought it was a very insightful idea.