Sunday, September 11, 2011

BLog Post # 3

 Image of cave men progressing through the world of technology
"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines
Before I read the post ,"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines, I thought I would totally be against this idea. After reading the post, I kind of agreeded with Kelly Hines's article. She believes there is nothing wrong with technology and it is great to use and learn, but "If a teacher can find ways to prepare students with the capacity to be creative and innovative, those children will be well prepared to face the future. Teachers who customize the learning experiences of their students to involve critical thinking and problem solving are doing their students a greater favor than those who misuse technology as a means of facilitating learning.(direct quote)"
I believe  if a teacher has what it takes to teach her students to be great students and teach them the things to prepare them for their future, then technology may not be that necessary. Ms. Hines mentioned four things that should charaterize a good teacher, and they are as listed:
1) Teachers Must Be Learners
2) Learning and Teaching are not the Samething
3)Technology is useless without good teaching
4)Be a 21st Century Teacher without the technology

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

The social media count was a great visual aid to see how technology is increasing. To see the rate these counts increase by the minute was mind blowing. Keeping up with technology in todays world is somewhat manditory because technology will increase more in the future at a much faster rate than it is doing so now. The only Media Count that I really questioned is the comments made on Facebook within the first few seconds. I personally thought the numbers would actually be higher. Facebook is a huge social network and there are not  many people who are not Facebook users.

Michael Wesch A Vision of Students Today

In Michael Wesche's Video, A Vision of Students Today,I realized that many of the statements written, relate to me. For instance,the ratio of students to teachers in my past classes, were outrageous. One semester, I took a economics class that had more than 100 students present. I was so aggravated when I realized, I was not going to receive much help from my professor. I went to the professor's office during office hours, to get help with an assignment, only to find a line of students waiting for help also. After about 45 minutes, I gave up and returned home to get prepared for my next class. Situations such as these are very discouraging and eventually becomes a problem. Its also scary to actually raise your hand to ask questions with more than 100 students directing their attention on me.

 I agreed with the statements about the prices we spend on books and computers. I find it to become very stressful, having to spend over 600 dollars on books that I hardly  open. When it is time to sell the books back I never get over 150 dollars back; thats if they decide to buy of the books back. In my opinion, technology, helps students in great ways of research, note taking and many ways of preparing for the future ahead of us. We as students spend more time socializing online than anything. I feel that if teachers made some classes a little more interesting using more exciting ways to incorporate technology into our lessons, we as students will probably actually pay more attention and be interested in learning by choice rather than by requirement. School to me is over rated!

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