Sunday, May 1, 2011

C4T Summary

The teacher i was assigned for my C4T assignments was Mrs. Dianne Krause. Below are the Blog posts along with my comments.

C4T Post 1

  • “Most educators hope that their teaching touches students in exciting ways so that the information conveyed makes an impact. One sure way to engage students is to make their educational experience fun. New teachers just starting out as well as experienced teachers who could use a breath of fresh air in their curriculum will love all the great tools available on the Internet to help make their teaching more entertaining. Some of the following tools will have teachers and students exploring wikis, open courseware, Twitter, blogging, comics, videos, and incorporating plenty of other tools that will help make learning fun.”
    Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

    My response
    Hi Krause,

    I am one of Dr. Strange's EDM 310 students at the University of South Alabama.  I agree with teachers making a fun learning environment for their students. This will allow the students to feel involved and want to come to class to learn new and different things.  I find myself some days wondering, " Will I be a great, Fun teacher, or will I be a Boring teacher." I am a fun person  but I also think I will turn out to be a great teacher. I'm realizing, from working around different kids, that every student requires different amounts of attention and fun and entertainment is the best thing for students 90% of the time.

    C4T Post 2

    • A very nice word cloud creator in which you can choose different shapes, fonts and colors for your word clouds. Nice alternative to wordle. You can even sign in with Twitter and Facebook to make word clouds of your status updates.
    Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

    My response
    My name is KaShondra Rudolph. I am familiar with creating wordles in my EDM 310 class and I think the idea of creating pretty clouds is awesome. I find myself often browsing the web to find cute things such as this to enhance many emails of projects I create. This is not the first time I have visited your blog, I really enjoy reading it!!!

    Below I have posted a link to Mrs. Diannes' Blog.  She keeps it updated and it has some very interesting information.

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